Friday, November 2, 2012

This is my "WEB...LOG", Jen.

Rebekaches and Other Likely Symptoms...

What is this you ask?   Why I don't even know myself.  Oh how I hate the word "blog".  My sister laughed at me the other day because I said the word blog and I wanted to punch myself in the nose because I have always hated the word ever since I heard it back in, oh say, 1998?  I remember thinking "what a stupid, effin' word".   I said to her, "What do you want me to say, WEB...LOG?"  So, in short, this is my B...LOG.

I can be a bit of complainer, a whiner, and even a drama queen on occasion, but I am just very misunderstood and people can be very unkind (insert drama here).  However, I am attempting to try and find the positive in this world since I am getting old(er) and my life is probably more than half over (more drama here).  Usually, though, I'm too blind to see the good in people.  This could have something to do with an eye twitch I've had on my right lower lid since June. 

I will have some things to say here (or bitch about) and I guess that's where the "aches" part of Rebekaches comes in.  And, yes, there will be other likely "symptoms" to follow. That will probably be the part where you leave and don't come back.  There may be a laugh or two, but don't count on it.  I'm really not all that funny unless you ask my 20-year-old daughter who pretty much laughs at everything I say.  I don't know if it's because I am truly funny or she is just easily amused.  I tend to think it is the latter of the two.

Well, the real reason for this post is not because I wanted to introduce this WEB...LOG, but rather because I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to website design and I needed a new post to configure the text colours.  I really don't even know who I am talking to at the moment.  I think it's just me.  This is fine.  I'm good with that.  Oh, I think I'll add in a photo just for fun because I like to amuse the masses of no one and I love Canada and hockey, but there is no hockey right now.  I will save that for another post ......


  1. Ha! I find you amusing...and funny! Happy to see you thought for a moment to focus in the positive. :-)

    1. You know me so well, Christine! Only one moment and that's all you get! :-0

  2. As far as catheters go, I've (thank dog) never had personal experience except for the time when I worked for an inventory service and spent an 8 hours stint COUNTING them; but my father was catheterized while hospitalized dying from cancer.
    He requested a priest to take his confession the next day because of things he had said during the procedure.
    I think I'd be willing to take my chances before the bench of Judge Rebeka.


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