Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 10 Songs I'm Ashamed to Love

I was reading one of my newfound blogs the other day, Adventures in Estrogen, and there was a post written called "Top 10 Movies I'm Ashamed to Love".  I was going to do a version of my own list, but I was in the mood for music tonight, so I decided to go with a list of Top 10 Songs instead.  I’m starting with the least shameful to most shameful.  I think.  I guess you can tell me after you read through them.  Here goes:

10.  I Was Made For Dancin' – Leif Garrett
Mr. Garrett sang “Give In” on an episode of CHiPs.  My 9-year-old heart, soul and body were his forever after that (don’t judge me!), but "I Was Made For Dancin'" was my favourite song he sang.  You will also be happy to learn that this is the only disco song I’m going to put in my top 10 because in all seriousness, I could easily come up with a top 10 disco list and I don’t think anyone wants that.

  Surely anyone can see why I instantly fell in love with Leif that night in 1979.

9.  I Want It That Way – The Backstreet Boys
There may be some who could argue that this is indeed a great song.  The problem occurs when you come to realize that I was in my late (really late) 20s when it was released and regularly cranked it driving in my minivan.

8.  Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc
“I don’t fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener.  You must be sure that the girl is pure for the Funky Cold Medina."   I mean it was a big old mess when Sheena got undressed.  It’s kind of funny it got that far and I love the cowbell in that song, plus there’s dog humping.

7.  Merry Christmas Darling – The Carpenters
Sentimental value.  Shut your pie holes.

6.  Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
I have no explanation.  I actually went to his concert in 1990 with my friend (we were 20 at the time) and we felt like two jackasses when we realized everyone there were either 12 or that 12-year-old’s parent.  HAWT!

5.  Leave (Get Out) – Jojo
Good workout song?  That’s all I’ve got.  I feel so creepy liking this one.  Really. 

4.  How You Remind Me – Nickelback
In my defense, it was their first hit.  I had no idea ALL their other songs were going to sound exactly the same.  I still like it though.  

3.  Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
It’s catchy and odd and I can’t stop staring at Boy George.

2.  Lovin’ You – Minnie Riperton
There was a visa commercial a few years ago that destroyed this song for me because I loved it long before that, but it’s embarrassing and no one will ever put up with me listening to this song in the car, so I'm on my own with this one.  How the f#uck does she hit that high note?  It leaves me stupefied.  

 This is a different commercial, but same song / same idea.  It's a crime!

1.  My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
This pains me to write this as my number one (or at all).  If anyone knows me, they will know how embarrassing this is, but this song grabs my heartstrings and runs with them.  I cry every time I hear it.  I just try not to listen to it if I can help it.  I loathe Celine Dion.  LOATHE HER!  But… she sure can sing the hell out of this song.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. haha. Awesome.
    My #1 song I'm so ashamed to love, hands down, is Bye bye bye, by N'sync.

    1. I never got into 'N Sync, but I do love me some Justin Timberlake and I'm not ashamed to say it. ;)

  2. Don't tell anyone, but I am a closet Linkin Park fan. Shhhh!

    I also listen to Marilyn Manson.

    I am way too old, way to not-goth, not punk, and not metal enough to be listening to this stuff.

    1. Oh hell no! I love Linkin Park & Marilyn Manson and I don't even have any shame about it. :O

    2. ...and I'm pretty sure I'm older than you are - as you could probably tell by the songs on my list. Now that's shameful! HA!

    3. Based on the list, I am going to guess we are close to the same age, actually based on the music. For reference, I owned the album 1984 by Van Halen in 1984.

    4. I don't know why I assumed you were younger, but you're right. Based on the fact that you owned 1984 in 1984, we are probably the same age. :) Good call. I hope you left 1984 IN 1984, though. haha.

  3. I admit I like the Backstreet Boys :) No shame in that at all! How about Tiffany's first song "I Think I'm Alone Now". Love that too :)

  4. Lovin' You, by Minnie
    Riperton is the sweetest song in the world and her voice
    is angelic [ or was angelic ]

  5. haha we ALL have these! when i was a kid, i secretly loved new kids but told everyone i hated them. same with backstreet boys but there i was screaming with the rest of the 14yr olds at their concert (i was in my 20s at the time). and the funny thing? my husband-then-boyfriend at the time was with me (he bought me the tickets)... we were the only older people at the concert when we should have been in the parents lounge!! i also like some nickelback songs even though everyone i know hates them and thinks their music should be burned.

  6. Someone should make a series of "real" music videos where we see real people rocking out to songs while driving minivans, shopping for groceries, etc. My brother and I would be mortified as kids when a song my mom knew cam on in the grocery store, and she started dancing while pushing the shopping cart.

    I don't think Boy George is a guilty pleasure any more but rather a vintage treasure.

    1. Vintage Treasure! I like that. Heroin has not done him any favours, however.

  7. this IS shameful: nickelback and celine outed! very gay (in a very gay way, unlike boy george). bieber must be top 11. TURN RED WHEN YOU CONFESS LIKE THIS.

    1. Yes, red and white, but no blue. Very ashamed, and I know now that you know, I'll never live it down.


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