Thursday, November 8, 2012

MRI On My Brain

I just returned from getting an MRI on my brain.  I'm thinking they probably won't find anything ( If I only had a brain ) and of course that would be a good thing and no surprise since I just recently found out that my son in 8th grade is doing the same Algebra problems I am doing in my college Algebra class.  "Oh hey mom, that's exactly what WE did today!"... "Oh great son!!!  Can you do my homework for me then???"  Now I feel even more stupid than I did before when I couldn't find the value of  'x' when we were actually supposed to be finding the value of 'y'.  Mother F#...ER!  I would roll my eyes right now, but I can't.  It hurts too much.  This is part of the reason for my getting the MRI in the first place.

The MRI is quite a weird procedure to have done.  Lots of knocking sounds and beeps and your head is squished between foam and enclosed in a device.  I felt like Hannibal Lecter, except that I was lying flat and not being wheeled around on a dolly.  (Well, I wasn't really strapped in either.  That might have been weird... for me and the nurse.)

During the 40 minute procedure, I was trying to act cool and pretending I wasn't claustrophobic, which only made me incredibly claustrophobic.  I was trying to NOT concentrate on the itch on my nose which made me want to scratch my nose with all the fury in the world.  The mind is a bitch.  They finally sent me home with the films that I need to take to my doctor next week after she gets the results.

So what do you think I did when I got home? Would you believe that I put those films up to the kitchen light as if I have any clue what they mean... as if I am going to find the tumour, or aneurysm , or whatever the hell is wrong in my brain right in the middle of my kitchen!?   Perhaps there was going to be an arrow pointing directly to the spot saying 'HERE IT IS' right on the films for me to see.  I knew I was wasting my time going back to school.  I have obviously already mastered radiology on my own.  What a tool I am.

I will have to update with the REAL results later next week.  Until then, I'll just see if I have already mastered something else like Psychology and then I can find out why I am such an idiot OR I will just continue with my severe anxiety and worry myself to death before I even get to find out the results.  Either way, it's a lose/lose situation.   That's me!  Always looking on the bright side of life...

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