Monday, December 16, 2013

My Non-Clusterf#ck Merry-ish Tree

Last year, around this time, I wrote about my CLUSTERF#CK of a Xmas Tree.  Well, after Xmas was over last year, I tossed that sucker in the dumpster.  Yep, and I was happy to do so.   A few weeks after the holiday was over, I received (possibly as a joke... it must have been, yes...) a two-foot pre-lit tree which I put in the closet and left there unopened.

A week ago, I moved into a new house and after packing and preparing for this move over the last two months, there was no way in hell I was going to decorate for a holiday I pretty much despise.  Let's just say I am less than merry most of the year as it is and people wishing me to be merry day after day in the freezing cold doesn't make me want to be any merrier than I already am not. 

However, one of my very good friends in Ottawa sent me a set of six Ottawa Sens ornaments last March (yes, well she is always a bit late with things, but gawd bless her Canadian soul).  Let's see, six ornaments, a two-foot (60.96 cm) pre-lit tree... not much Xmas merry-ness.... how could I NOT put it up? 

This year, I consider my 60.96 cm Xmas tree with my six Ottawa Senators ornaments to be very non-clusterf#ck-like.

Unfortunately, my semi-merry-ish spirit has not really been effective in the sens(e) that The Sens have been playing very non-merrily this season. 

Love me, Love my Sens, Love my Xmas Sens Tree


  1. that's a very joy-to-the-world pic for someone who says she doesn't give a clusterf#ck. my problem is what to say to those merry people, happy holidays? they're probably not on holidaze and therefore not too damn happy either. i like the merry x-mas, but that would include some merriment too. ho ho maple laffs chances of winning the cup! and, gawd, please play pageau, lehner, and ceci more often for a merrier (there i go again) sens-ational x-mas!!!

  2. I personally love your tree! Since I am staring at a Disney Merry Nightmare come to life. I see your 6 Sens ornaments and raise you a Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck....and All The Princesses. Except Frozen - which I am repeatedly reminded of.
    It's still better than the 15 foot lawn shrine of a blue and white tree my neighbour across the street erected. Leafs fans will do anything for a win. haha. (although, secretly - it does look very pretty at night.)

    1. Oh my.... Disney... I heard "Frozen" was really good though, but I highly doubt I'll be seeing it any time soon (ever). ;) And you speak truth about Laffs' fans. Do you live in Toronto? I, of course, wish The Sens had purple somewhere in their colours. haha... Let's keep that a secret, too.


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