Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dollar Dog Night, Pringles, and Hidden Obesity

I bought Pringles yesterday.  And hot dogs.  My son was craving hot dogs after seeing a commercial on TV for "Dollar Dog Night" at Progressive Field (that's where the Cleveland Indians play...) and so I bought him hot dogs.  I never buy hot dogs.  Personally, I think they are disgusting.  Of course, if one decides to take me (yes, I'm not paying) to a Tribe game, I'd be happy to shovel in several purchased (again, I'm not buying)  hot dogs.  This is why everyone loves "Dollar Dog Night" and this is why I believe my son started craving them after seeing the commercial.  People were shoveling them in on that commercial while appearing to be having hot dog orgasms.  But I digress.

So what does this have to do with hiding Pringles?  Pringles are chips and chips go with hot dogs.  Are you following?  Well, after all of this talk about hot dogs, he decided last night that he did NOT want hot dogs for dinner OR the Pringles.  I love kids.  Really, they are a blast and so easy to please.  For the record, I generally make healthy meals for him, but I was trying to be a hip, cool mom for once and get wild and crazy with these hot dogs.  But I digress again.

So there the Pringles sat, staring glaring at me calling me by name, "Hey you fat ass, come eat me".  I  heard that shit and immediately told my son to go hide them because eating a whole can of Pringles was beginning to feel like a really bad idea.  My son then said, "I'll hide them in my room."  knowing full well that I wouldn't step foot in that monstrosity of a cesspool.  Now I normally do NOT allow food in his room, but I could not have been more happy with this idea.  I would NEVER go in his room to look for ANYTHING.

I think from now on any of his junk food I don't want to be tempted to eat, I will just make him hide in his room.  Not sure how great of an idea this is because while I'm going to stay healthy and fit, my son will turn into another obese teen.

Oh well, as I know deep down inside, as a good mother,  it's all about me anyway.


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    1. That's better than me. I'm a very abashed Pringles addict. It's the whole can or none at all, down to lifting the can to my mouth and getting every last crumb. Complete abashment here.

  2. first of all, who would go to a tribes game if there were no dollar hot dog days (rhetorical). Secondly. the trade off between you becoming healthy and your son obese seems somehow out of kilter. Thirdly, you'll no doubt find the half eaten box (container?) of pringles next in the condom drawer, and if he's anything like i was at that age be careful of being exposed to water bombs...hell, what else does a kid use them for. but times have changed since black and white tv and no porn stations.

    Go Jays. :D

    1. 1) About as many people that would go to a Jays game without dollar dog night.

      2) I already addressed that in my blog post, but apparently you didn't read it all the way through. Shame on you. I said and I quote, "Not sure how great of an idea this is because while I'm going to stay healthy and fit, my son will turn into another obese teen."

      3) I have no plans of finding anything in his room, condoms, half cans of Pringles, whatever. Again, this was addressed in above blog post and I quote, "I would NEVER go in his room to look for ANYTHING."

      You really should read my posts thoroughly and not just look for interesting key words. Although, you would find many.

      I didn't even know they had TV back in your day...


    2. I not only like it, I love it. Looks like you may be having your own Pringles issue(s).


    3. i do have chips issues, but only when battling for my life in grocery stores, and i'd rather keep that our little secret :D

    4. I keep all of our secrets secret... that one especially.

  3. For me hot dogs always looked better than they tasted unless you load them up with condiments.

  4. see, paige thinks of hot dogs and condoms too, and you don't (try to) ridicule her. heh

    1. I could never win over the king of ridicule. ;)


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