Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seasons of Joy(lessness)

This is a season of joylessness.  I just love seasons of joy because anyone that knows me knows how much I love being joyful and seasons that involve that.  I thought that I would come up with the top 9 things that bring me joy because 8 wouldn't be enough.

There's so much joy below, I couldn't possibly go in any particular order...

9)  Rudolph Car Decorations
I don't even have the words to describe what I thought when I saw this for the first time.  The joy I felt just exuded from my insides.  Speechless really.  I had to post a picture for full effect. 

8)  Bell Ringers in Front of the Grocery Store Blocking all Entrances Behind the Scented Pine Cones 
It brings me great joy that not only am I on my way to spend ridiculous amounts of money on groceries to feed my son who eats everything in sight leaving me no leftovers EVER, but I have to fight my way through the Bell Ringers who block both entrances and then merrily say 'Merry Christmas'.  They are always so joyful which makes me feel joyful.  I never feel guilty or awkward walking past them not dropping in change or bills I am not carrying on me.

7)  Accidentally Being in the Wrong Lane in Front of the Mall
This brings me so much joy because I prefer to miss my turn, having to go out of my way at least a mile which only takes about 20 minutes and then come back in front of the mall when I didn't actually mean to be there in the first place.  This is like a little adventure, a small road trip or what I like to call the "scenic route".  Good times!

6)  Kids and Their Ever-Changing Minds
I love the joy of having just spent $199 on a Kindle Fire after you asked your son 292837293874239487 times what he wants for xmas and replies, "I don't know" 292837293874239487 back only to say "Hey, I just thought of something I wanted!"... Oh the joy I got in saying, "Too bad, sucka.  I already got your present." 

5)  Hummers, Singers and Whistlers
There is so much joy in shopping and listening to hummers, singers and whistlers in the same aisle as me.  I love it.  You can't imagine what I'm thinking inside when someone next to me by the sour cream is singing "Do You Hear What I Hear???"

4)  My Drunk Brother and His Girlfriend Who Hates Me
It will bring me joy on xmas day when... wait.........

3)  Hallmark Xmas Movies
These movies are nothing but pure joy.  None of them are the same storyline.  They all have exceptional actors.  They are on 24/7 which is great because you can watch them at any time during the day or night.  The plots are so fascinating and original and...the best of all???  They NEVER repeat the same one twice, especially right in a row.

2)  Colorized Version of "It's a Wonderful Life"
I just love how real it looks.  Instant joy. It doesn't take away from the film at all.  I wasn't too thrilled the other day when I went to go buy a copy of it and found that it included the original black and white version, too.  I'm not sure why they did that.  I'll probably just toss that one out.  They didn't just have a colored version to purchase.  I *HAD* to buy it as a set... for $24!  I think selling it with the black and white version is just a ploy.

1)  Home Shopping Network
Actually, this one does bring me a shit-ton of joy... for real.  No lines, no parking of cars, no people... It's the only way I shop.  I thought I better throw a real joy in the list.  I'm really not as grouchy as I sound.  I'm much, much worse.  ;O


  1. Replies
    1. I thought you might enjoy that one. I think she secretly wants me.

  2. you forgot some joys. guess it was the egg nog. you should write an ode to joy, i think it's time.

    *whistling gawd rest ye merry gentlemen*

    1. You should feel very happy that I contained the list to only 9, pal.

      *puts snow in your mouth*

  3. ha!!! i can't stand those rudolph cars either.

  4. Replies
    1. At the time, not so much, but glad you enjoyed the list :)

  5. I absolutely love cars with wreaths on the grille. Those are my fave. Great list!

    1. Wreaths on the grille. Yes, I suppose those would be great squished between another car after a fender bender. =D Thanks for stopping by, Bee.

  6. LOL. I've never shopped HSN. But I have done almost ALL of my shopping online this year!

    Just here via Mama Kat's :)

    1. Hi Kim! I guess I should have made my statement more of online shopping. HSN is great if you want to buy something that is expensive because they have the "flex pay" which allows you to pay it over a couple of payments. I did most of my shopping on Amazon, actually. I bought my son's Kindle Fire on HSN and spread it over 3 months. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm with you on all of those, except the brother thing. I don't know what your problem is, your brother and his girlfriend don't bother me at all.

    1. There's a very good reason for that, Karen. You've never met them. :) Thanks for the visit :o

  8. You forgot to mention all the joy you receive from the 24/7 Christmas music on your fav radio station! You can NEVER hear Mariah sing "All I want for Christmas ... is yeeeeeeeeeeeeew." too many times.

    1. If I had done a "top 10" that would have been in there. Although, I think I mentioned xmas songs being played way too late and nearly not enough in another post somewhere. :o


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